Monday, July 26, 2010


Just like every other variables of life, completion needs motivation for it to be sustained on a long run basis. We quickly lose focus of our destination immediately we lose motivation to face the challenges of competition. In this article are valuable points that can be employed in order to get the right kind of motivation required in business world.


AVOID COMPLACENCY: complacency and comfort zone is one factor that damp people’s motivation not only in business and competition but also in all facets of life. For you to be motivated in competition, you must try as much as possible to eliminate complacency in your business.

WATCH YOUR COMPETITION: watching your competition is one thing that successful business people do that average people in business and those that out-rightly fail in business do not do. There is a Chinese saying that ‘you must know your strength and the weakness of your enemies before hand if you really want to win a battle’.

BE INNOVATIVE: change is the only thing that is constant. In order for you to have the right motivation to face your competition, you must be proactive in all that you do. Being stagnant in business is the chief cause of business failure and lack of motivation to compete in business. Innovation is the backbone of competition and should be a motivating factor in all that we do.

DO THE EXTRAORDINARY: you will be motivated to go into competition if you do the extraordinary. Doing the extraordinary will bring extraordinary result which will get you motivated to go into competition hoping you will still be successful.

ENRICH YOUR SERVICE: going into competition without rendering the right kind of service to your customers will only help demotivate you and your business.

GET FEEDBACK: you will know how to fashion your competition if you get feedback from the end users of your services. So for you to be motivated to face competition, you must seek feedback from your customers.

GIVE BACK TO THE SOCIETY: it is a natural phenomenon that you get most satisfaction from what you do if you impact lives through your actions. Seeing the immediate environment of your business happy as a result of your competing action will help get you motivated into competition.

Motivation for competition is a must sought after virtue that all business executives must seek with passion if they want to move ahead in this modern competitive business world.

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