Monday, June 14, 2010


What is my motivation is a question that is constantly posed by many that are yet to find their true self. Have you ever sat down to ask your self this question? If you have not, then you have the chance to ask yourself this question now. Self discovery is a must achieve virtue for everyone that is seriously looking for motivation. You cannot be in the open and expect to be sheltered. Same applies to motivation, you cannot know what your motivation is if you don’t firstly discover yourself.

Before you can ask your self the question of what motivates you, you need to firstly know what motivation is. Motivation is a relative term whose meaning is heavily influenced by the definers’ perspective. If you are the type that believes in  Money Motivation, then, motivation in your dictionary will be synonymous to money.

Generally speaking, motivation is any moving force that makes us to search deep and bring out the best in us no matter what circumstance. This presupposes that motivation does not have to be afraid of anything whatsoever.

Interviews I had with successful people revealed to me that they all have one trait in common; they are fearless. Motivation cannot live in a fearful environment. Hence, another step towards finding motivation is to get rid of destructive fears. Though we all need certain amount of fear to get motivated, but, too much of fear would be more detrimental than useful. You need motivation to excel in the face of economic meltdown

LOST MOTIVATION shouldn’t be an issue if; we discover ourselves and reasonably eliminate harmful fears. Again, take time to find out reasons for lost of motivation as this will help you excel in life.

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