Sunday, September 12, 2010


Motivation can be several things to several people. To some, money motivation is the ultimate while to some others; money motivation is just a secondary stuff. I have come to realise that money motivation is not really a motivating factor as money comes and goes. What really motivates people into action is the desire to impress. Yes, the desire to impress people around is what really sparks the light of motivation in us human being.

I was opportune to interview some successful wealthy men in my community about their view on money motivation. 75% of them agreed to the fact money is a motivating factor but made their stand known that money is not the real man behind the mask.

The other 25% of the interviewee out rightly disagreed and vehemently said that money is never a motivating factor. One of them even went ahead to say that money discourages her from doing what she ought to do. Can you beat that? A situation whereby money becomes what will make one not to work.

Seriously speaking, money shouldn’t be a major factor to consider in the area of motivation. People should learn to think beyond the immediate and think of the potentials in virtues, honour and respect that money cannot buy. A young man who was recently released from the prison for violating the law confessed of not being influenced by the money involved in what he did but for the love and affection he hoped to gain by doing what he did.

This will further convince you that money motivation is not all that we need to get motivated and remain motivated.

Be positively motivated!

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